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Look as good as you feel when you enjoy the warmth and relaxation in our vitamin d producing sunbeds all year round.


Personalized tanning, maximum comfort
12 minute max

Experience high and low pressure mixed together in an unique combination ensuring a remarkable uniformity of tanning results. Open design, ventilation adjustable by user, a powerful hot air extraction system and air conditioning guarantee maximum comfort. An LCD electronic card allows 4 different exposure times to be selected. The sun bed is also efficiently soundproofed to ensure the best results from the radio system with MP3 player.


Affinity 950

Outstanding performance and comfort features
12 minute max

High pressure lamps in the canopy and on the side plus turbo power UV lamps in the base give a deep and long-lasting tan. The facial tanners are equipped with efficient Ultra Performance technology and the shoulder tanners provide an even, all-over tan. The Temptronic climate control system provides a cool and relaxing tanning experience. The stereo sound system will satisfy any audiophile with its high quality sound.


Prestige 1100

Extremely powerful with equally amazing results
10 minute max

With the help of transparent acrylic panels at the head and foot ends of the sunbed, the tanning tunnel temperature is more easily regulated whether the tanner prefers a warmer or colder climate. For clients who prefer their own mix of music, an MP3 player docking station routes the music through the acoustically incredible 3D-Sound system with sub-woofer. Controlling all this power and luxury is a cockpit that makes this sunbed so easy to use and is more than just a simple control panel. The Aqua Mist/Aroma function dispenses a refreshing spray in selectable intervals over the face and body while emitting a pleasing scent, which relaxes, but does not perfume the tanner.


Pure Energy

A small yet spacious tanning tunnel makes this an intense sunbed
10 minute max

One of the most modern and innovative stand-up tanning booths available. It contains 360 degree body lamps, combined with high pressure shoulder lamps in the ceiling of the sunbed. The ergonomic arrangement of grab handles inside the tower makes standing, while tanning, comfortable and provides an even all-around tan. For those who want to boost their fitness at the same time can use vibraNano for a short but effective training of abdomen, legs and bottom.


Silver Bullet

A remarkable design loaded with impressive technology
12 minute max

This masterpiece showcases lounge and canopy lamps, each placed to maximize efficiency and provide the best tan possible. Be blown away by the futuristic look, complete with exterior accent lighting. Experience the hi-tech features loaded in this sunbed including an integrated sound system with MP3 jack, MistyBreeze cooling system, self-contained air conditioning system, soft-touch control panel and so much more.



Our best deal! Become a Cabana Member and enjoy full unlimited access to any tanning sunbed plus a spray tan discount. For more details, ask us during your next visit.